Nope there is no Racism on the Net, no sir.

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.@jeanniemcbride Some of them shouldn’t be teaching! She has papers? So does my dog.

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Anthea Butler, who describes herself as a “progressive Christian” called God a “White Racist” last week.

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Could someone tell Anthea Butler that Don King wants his wig back?

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@AntheaButler just tweeted and blocked. I can see why she is a professor, it is easier than working.

  1. HAHAHA! She JUST did the same thing to you! What a gutless, race baiting cunt.

  2. You’re absolutely right. She’s gutless. should really look at her social media activity.

  3. , a prof, unblocks to RT me, then re-blocks to prevent me from responding to, refuting & RTing her bullshit.

She’s RTing me L&R, too but hasn’t the stones or acumen to interact. She prob knows her Ph.D. is worthless & has no RW app.

@TruthGunner She’s a selective blocker. She’s gutless. She’ll block/unblock & will RT to try & sic her minions on ppl w/whom she disagrees.

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RT @mzagorski: Barack Obama is a lifelong welfare recipient, from childhood to presidency he has been fed & clothed by a taxpayer or a suck…

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RT: @AntheaButler ”Just put up some of my racist email for security. You can see them on my tumblr.” Someone thinks sh’e pretty important.

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@AntheaButler but isn’t it worth addressing? No, of course not. It doesn’t serve your agenda.

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@AntheaButler Do you mean “mic”? Sorry—you’re a Ph.D.; you know what you’re doing. *giggling* #smh

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@AntheaButler You’d think sum1 at @Penn would know the diff betw etc & ect.

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@AntheaButler No one wants to put you back on the plantation. A Ph.D. in religion or black studies is not really a scholarly achievement.

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@JAMICHRISTENSEN RT my tweets about her. Let’s see how she likes it. lol

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@AntheaButler You are a kook, a leftist, and you have poodle on your head. Go see George Zimmerman while wearing a hoodie.

Sure enough, there’s nothing racist here MT Just put up some of my racist email for security.

eddUpp57 <>
4:57 PM (14 minutes ago)
to antheab
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from: FeddUpp57 <>reply-to: FeddUpp57 <>
Hey, Anthea!! You’re famous!!   Did you actually want this picture of you out on the airwaves??  OMG, she’s not only enormous, but unattractive, too!!   You must worship the god of MAMMOTH!! Lots of cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes, right?  Like Moochelle?  Learn a lesson, dimwit, don’t pick on the big boys!   Rush just ate you alive and has now broadcast your black racism around the world!!  You’ve done UP real proud, NOT!  You look like a crazy ass black cracka with that obscene hairdo….Does that really attract men??????????? Bet you wear your pants down around your knees, too!*:) happy


From: Greg Becnel <>
Subject: Religion

Message Body:
Hello Mrs. Butler,
You teach Religion and have a very bigot opinion of God. You obviously do not understand religion nor understand Christians, nor understand Jesus. No wonder your at a University, the real world will not have you,
Have a great day!

David Simonoff via 
9:37 AM (7 hours ago)
Is your name Anthead Butler because your head is the size of an ant?
I am a retired math teacher from NYC and some of my students, based on what you said about God’s being a white racist, had a much more sophisticated grasp of things around them than you ever will.
Have a nice day and try not to walk into a wall.

Oh, God, help us from harem infers.
Chris Kassulke
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notennishoes@gmail.comAnthea, hi from a Minnesota native. I regret to inform you that liberalism is a mental disorder. It is both oppressive and regressive….not progressive!! It cheats, discriminates inadequately, extorts, gauges, kills, lies, rapes, and steals for survival. Those are the results during each year!!

Therefore, republicans (all of them) earn flack only when joining liberalism. Some examples are when they:

      1.   give tax dollars to farmers
      2.   give public money to education
      3.   grant tax dollars to illegal aliens
      4.   approve public cash for abortion
      5.   grant tax dollars for crappy alternative energy/fuel
      6.   provide subsidies for wealthy owners-wealthy athletes
      7.    join the hoax known as Climate Change-Global Warming
vote yes on abortion while the mom’s health is not at stake
      9.    block Americans’ access to this country’s natural resources 
      10.  spend money recklessly…like George W Bush and his teammates often did    
Even with good intentions, liberalism’s friends continue their tradition of nasty outcomes.Conservatism’s enemies…in all parties….can shove it up their butts. 

Lastly, most individuals….of any skin color…who play the race card are the real bigoted/racist sacks of shit!! The NAALCP, the Black PanthersNeo Nazis, and other so-called white supremacists are examples of this. You sound like one as well.

Go smoke 135 cartons of cigarettes.